This Harkness engagement sessions love story started at a friends bbq back in 2013. That would set the seen for Colleen and Matt to start dating and now they are building their life together a day at a time. When I asked about the proposal I kinda melted with pure excitement when I heard the story. Imagine your sitting in a nice restaurant in Dublin Ireland. Yes you read that correct they were on a trip to Dublin Ireland. This is so on my bucket list of places I want to visit in my lifetime. It was the very first night on their trip and Matt was treating Colleen to a super romantic fancy dinner at The Bank Restaurant. While eating dessert, they were talking about their future, and how excited they were for their move and and the future. That’s when Matt grabs the ring from his jacket pocket, gets down on 1 knee and proposes. I am a desert girl and I of course wanted to know what was for desert and hello what a romantic man Matt is. I don’t even think I would be able to eat my desert after that because I would be full of excitement so I hope he at least let Colleen eat a little before dropping to one knee. I can see it all over his face the way he looks at her that she is his everything. I can’t wait for their wedding to finally get here already. June seems so far away yet so close.