Abi, Marc and I had so much fun exploring Harkness during their engagement session. We had a beautiful sky that day. Even better was a very photogenic couple who I swear were naturals in front of the camera. I barely had to tell them what to do. I always love sending my couples a short questionnaire when they inquire with me because well I LOVE getting to know them so I don’t feel like a stranger when we meet for the first time.

When I asked Abi how these two met this was in her own words. We met late summer 2016 through a mutual friend who had been trying to set us up for awhile. She invited him on a "girl's" weekend up in NH to hike and hangout. Needless to say, he held his own with 3 overworked nurses whose topics of conversations tend to veer towards the gross side. And he was still interested after watching me struggle on the hike with a nauseous stomach!

Then I asked about the proposal and this is were it gets even better. In Abi’s own words “We often go for walks at a friend's farm close to home with our dog, Ziggy. There are beautiful woods, trails and ponds to choose from. One late morning, the sun had broken out after a night of snow. He suggested we go for a walk because he knows I love snow. I was excitedly snapping pictures of Ziggy in his new scarf for our holiday cards when he suggested we hike to the top of the big hill on the property. As we were walking up, he started asking me about what were my "top three" memories for 2017. I immediately chose our trip to Costa Rica (our second date!). Then I talked about a fireworks festival in Montreal he took me to (because he knows I love fireworks!). We had done so many things that year, I told him I had trouble picking a third and told him it was his turn. By this point, we were at the top of the hill and I was obliviously looking all around at the snow-filled panoramic view. He talked about Costa Rica and then a trip to Denver where we saw our favorite band at Red Rocks. And then when I turned toward him, he was going down on one knee with a ring in his hand saying "And I hope this will make your top 3..." And then I blacked out. He says there was swearing and crying and then finally a "yes!".

I don’t think I could have worded this any better than Abi did… I am kinda obsessed with their love story and hearing about their second date to Costa Rica was ummmm pretty amazing. But if you want to hear about that you must come back to see their wedding posted soon.