When I first met this sweet young couple I felt an instant connection with them. Their story about how they met in college when Rupak moved here all the way from Nepal. Who would think he would find the love of his life all the way across the world. The proposal was so sweet of course Kimberly being the intuitive woman she is kinda knew it was coming sooner rather than later. But the day approached and Rupak got Kimberly’s brother and sister-in-law in on the plan and they were supposed to be going to a corn maze together. Somehow, they ended up in Newport at the cliff walk instead and walked along for a while while. He stopped her, had a whole speech, got down on one knee… and well, you can figure out the rest.  Such a magical memory for them to cherish. So when it came time for the engagement session we knew exactly where to have it. No place was going to be more perfect than the college grounds they met and fell in love on. We secretly wanted snow and guess what we got our wish and got snow the day before their planned session. My photographer heart was full of excitement and joy to share my afternoon with this sweet couple at WPI.

Come back and see their wedding coming to the blog soon!!